Glad you decided to check out Speakup for yourself. This page used to point to downloadable source releases of Speakup. However, Speakup is now part of the Linux kernel, so you will find the source for its kernel modules in the source tarballs and git repositories of the kernel itself. However, our last source release still contains documentation and a few utilities that are still of interest, so a link is still provided here. The last release made before being included in the Linux kernel's staging tree was 3.1.6, and you may download it by following this link.

The below links are kept here for historical reasons; despite this, some of them are still actively maintained.


- Ron Bessems modifications to the windows version of speak freely to merge incoming audio streams. This file was compiled by John Covici. To install it you need to install the standard windows version of speak freely first and then drop this file into the created directory.

- For you wishing to get on the speakup reflector to obtain help while installing GNU/Linux with speakup, here is a set of Jaws For Windows scripts to make speak freely for windows easier to use. These scripts were provided by Nelson Reiser.


- This is a bash script you can easily edit to help get connected to the speakup reflector under GNU/Linux with speakup. You need to have speak freely installed before this will be useful.

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