As with most group based projects, there is considerably more work to do then there are hands to do it. Software development is also not just writing code although that is a critical component. The tasks which make up project development include:

Once a package has been publicly introduced debugging, bug tracking and updating are also portions of projects which become important. Volunteers are necessary for all these aspects of development.

Probably one of the most frustrating things about someone volunteering to help with a project is for that person to volunteer and then not finding the time to actually participate. So if you would like to help please take your involvement seriously. If other project members cannot implement their piece of a project because they are waiting on you to complete a task, they tend to get irritated and uncomplimentary when corresponding with you. In general the speakup project members are pretty dedicated and very helpful if you've done the requisite background work.

Speakup is now included as part of the Linux kernel, and patches should be submitted through the normal Linux kernel patch submission process. Patches should also be submitted to the Speakup mailing list, and discussion of proposed changes to Speakup itself should take place there. Note that the Speakup mailing list does not permit posting from unsubscribed addresses, in order to prevent spam.

Userspace utilities for Speakup and other tools of general interest are still developed directly under the umbrella of the Speakup project. The developers use two main modes of communication: the speakup mailing list, and internet relay chat (irc) at They use git a distributed revision control system heavily for passing project code and documents back and forth. You should first look through the speakup projects page to see what is currently under development. If the sub-pages for the individual projects don't appear to have an accurate current status, you should talk to the developers for that project to find out exactly where they are with the project. Some packages are quite far along in their development while others aren't even started, just concepts.

If you have your own ideas for a project which you think would be useful to the blind GNU/Linux community and would like to see it be part of the speakup project, by all means bring it to our attention. Most likely there are project members that would be glad to help with your ideas. Realize however, there is currently much, much more work to do than we have people to do it. If you have good ideas then be prepared to take on the leadership and main cook and bottle washer role for that project. We all get tired of folks shoulding us.

Patches, code and documentation can be sent to the speakup mailing list Detailed. informed questions are always welcome.

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